Shadows on the Sidewalk

20140103-164331_©DuaneLPandorf-L1022391Shadows on the Sidewalk | Leica M-E, Leica Summilux-M 35mm

9 thoughts on “Shadows on the Sidewalk

      1. Yeah, yeah..but now that most of the Mummers are sober, I need to hide out for a spell cause I’m on the hit list.
        I was thinking someplace in NC…..Is yer wifey a good cook….?


          1. You should know me better than that. Besides word here in the shooter household from the commanding Czar offices is …..I’m not going anywhere…well least wise till the dishes and laundry is done…..

            I have Rogers 240 & Mono & M9 and lenses here for a visit…..
            Fun fun…..


  1. I would say having all three of those at the same time would be very difficult for me to decide which one to sling across my shoulder. But I think I could figure a way to get all three hanging around my neck. Just not sure if I could keep them from banging against each other. Then there’s which lens to put on which camera!


    1. It’s nice to have them her but I’m just getting ready to put them in storage. Roger & I have a major setback a few weeks ago in Australia. So he sent me a bunch of stuff for safe keeping and to prep for storage. Truthfully, the XP1 floats my boat well enough….


        1. Well, I think I told you that I sent all my Leica collection to Australia for safety at Roger’s spread. His collection is bigger than mine because he’s got more money than the FDIC. A few weeks ago he was robbed at the ranch and we are in the recovery mode. He’s selling the ranch, lock, stock and barrel…literally. He sent me a ton of camera gear to hold for a few weeks until we figure out what to do. He of course will cover my losses but he’s trying to make me feel better by sending me the newer stuff. I’m not into getting attached to things that aren’t really mine so the Fuji’s suit me fine.
          I have to say tho’..M & Mono are not hard to take.


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