Glow in the Night

20140111-011233_©DuaneLPandorf-L1022548Glow in the Night | Leica M-E, Leica Summilux-M 35mm

The weather hasn’t been camera friendly the past two days since I’ve been home from work.  Earlier today would have been a perfect fog shoot other than the steady drizzle.  Late in the day my two son’s personal shuttle (me), had to be in town running them around to a couple functions they needed to attend.

So I’m sitting in my truck waiting on my oldest to finish a meeting he’s attending and as I’m looking out my side window I have this scene.  The slow drizzle is running down my window and I decided to “experiment” with the available light from the street light in the distance.  I’ve focused to infinity and set a wide aperture, probably f/1.4.

When I got the images up on my MacBook Pro Retina is had no idea the combination of wide aperture along with the water running down the window would give me my “glow” effect.

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