A Challenging Work Week

This past week at work was very challenging.  Maybe one of my most challenging in quite some time.  Most of you in the United States are well aware of the recent weather we have been experiencing, especially those in Midwest and Northeast.  I began my week last weekend in the New York area providing service to those attending the Super Bowl.  We woke Monday morning to snow.  Even after I was able to escape the weather in the New York area I was unable to avoid the snow.  We encountered more after arriving in the Denver area.  More challenges and changes.  And if it couldn’t get worse we got to enjoy freezing rain in Kentucky in the middle of the week.  After our passengers exited the aircraft and once the freezing rain began it only took a few moments for the stairs to the aircraft to become solid ice.  We had to close the door to melt the ice so we could get out of the aircraft.  And the next day was no different….









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