Mini Reunion – SoCal


Old Friends | Leica M-E, Leica Summilux-M 35mm pre-ASPH

Its been a very long time since I’ve seen my friend Rex.  We went through the Marine Corps Officer Basic School in Quantico, Virginia 34 years ago.  We then went to Pensacola, Florida and Whiting Field for basic flight training where we were roommates with two other fellow Marines. After Pensacola we went separate ways.  I went to NAS Beeville, Texas for intermediate and advanced jet training where Rex headed to NAS Kingsville, Texas.

Corpus Christi was a popular place for us to meet on occasion during training as it was about equal distance between the bases, plus it had the added benefit of actually having something to do other than watch the wind blow.  After flight school Rex went to fly the F-4 Phantom and I the A-4 Skyhawk.

Our paths have only crossed a couple times since and we both agreed this morning that its been at least 20 years since we’ve seen each other.  So it was great getting a chance to talk about where we’ve been and more importantly where we’re going!

Thanks Rex for dropping by my hotel this morning after flying the red eye back from Hawaii.   One day we’ll get together for that round of golf we’ve been promising each other all these years!

One thought on “Mini Reunion – SoCal

  1. Since you were stationed in Pensacola and were a Marine, did you consider Trader Jon’s your home away from home? When he died ten years or so back, his family gave away a lot of the memorabilia on the walls to the Naval Air Museum out at NAS Pensacola and then they auctioned off the rest. If you have not been back to to Pensacola to tour the Naval Air Museum, it is worth the trip. Enjoy your blog … Frank Hardy


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