Rufus – A Rescue Dog



This is Rufus.  He’s a very friendly dog that’s been rescued and is looking for a family that will give him a “Forever” home.  A regular stop on Sunday’s has recently become the “Blue Ridge Bear Cream & Espresso” and today was their adoption day “Brother Wolf Animal Rescue” .  They help sponsor the “Brother Wolf Animal Rescue” a “No Kill” organization in Asheville, North Carolina that help find homes for pets that are no longer wanted..  In addition, they offer free spay/neuter assistance and a pet food pantry, Behavioral Counseling and Youth Education programs to promote a better understanding of, and respect for, companion animals.

If you’d like to donate you can do that at their website.

3 thoughts on “Rufus – A Rescue Dog

    1. Thanks Mike! We’ve done short term rescue for our local group here in Brevard and it’s been a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, we already have a dog that thinks he’s “King”. But we do all we can to support these groups.


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