Raven Cliff Falls Trail Loop – 09.15.2014

I went hiking with my two sons yesterday and we had a great time walking the Raven Cliff Falls Trail Loop.

12 thoughts on “Raven Cliff Falls Trail Loop – 09.15.2014

  1. Duane, how did you process the shot of your sons with their backs towards you (the one in portrait orientation)? I love the tones and I haven’t gotten such from my M-E yet. If you use Lightroom, would you share your secret sauce? Thanks!


    1. Morning dg. I’m not at my computer with Lightroom as I’m on my iPhone replying but I don’t normally use any plugins as in this case too. First of all the conditions were perfect for these tones. We’re at elevation and technically in the clouds not fog so to speak. The camera’s meter is going to underexpose by at least a stop since it is so grey. I’m also shooting wide open and focused on my sons. Did I say I love this lens yet? At f1.4 the out of focus areas help in revving out the tones I believe. I also made nothing was clipped in the histogram in the highlights. Plus I have my camera configured shooting RAW+JPG where the JPG is set to B&W. That way I see B&W when I review the image on the camera’s LCD. Later I will do a screen capture of my settings and email you if you’d like.


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