A Walk Through Venice


I’m in Venice today and only had a couple hours to check out the city with all the canals. I’m staying at a hotel on the mainland that’s just a short bus ride across the bridge to the island. The light was dull with not much life to it so I found myself seeing everything in gray. As I walked from the bus station the first canal to cross was just crazy with boats and people with cameras pointing them in every direction.


After crossing the first canal and rounded the corner I see this lonely gal taking a “selfie” of herself. What you don’t see is the mass of people behind me crossing this second canal.


It seems like the canal system is like a maze. You can seem to lose your direction very easy and sometimes the map will not help you much. But it didn’t take long to arrive to the Piazza San Marco. The last time I was here almost 9 years ago it was summer time and the piazza was really packed. Yet today didn’t seem any different. Loads of fellow tourists just like me pointing their cameras in all directions looking for that next great photo.

While leaving the piazza I caught the flower dude trying to sell a rose to the elderly gentleman. My caption for this photograph is, “Yes, I know what a rose looks like!”.


Then there’s the “whistle while you work” waiter trying to stay busy as he waits for his next dinner guest.


Its been a long day so I will let you enjoy the rest of these photographs without any further commentary. I think they speak for themselves.













6 thoughts on “A Walk Through Venice

  1. I love the black and white images of Venice – we were in Ravenna two days ago, lots of rain, and today in Bologna it is the first day of full sun in a week, so I get the “grey” All three are lovely citys, rain or sun…..


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