Hiking Black Balsam Mountain


My son, Derek, and I decided to head up to the Black Balsam Mountain area to hike today. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky but the air was cool. I thought we’d just walk for a couple hours but after we got started decided to make it a longer hike. We ended up hiking for over 4 hours!

Black Balsam Mountain is located in the Pisgah National Forest off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Earlier in the day I had thoughts of photographing Looking Glass Rock at sunset. My goal was to come back after a shorter walk with my son. However, our longer walk took us to almost 5pm and sunset wasn’t happening until after 6pm.

We were both a bit worn and it was time to head back into town. It was another great day to be with my oldest son for the day. A chance to talk about life and what’s important.

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