Sunrise & Sunset @ The Teraport



I was very surprised at the great sunrises and sunsets we had while staying at the Airstream Factory RV parking area called the Teraport. I was asked by Michael Whitehurst if I do much post processing with my images. Normally I do not do much but there are times when I enjoy letting my imagination get the best of me and I sometimes let loose with whatever I like. I could care less if they may be a little out there but at times I need that extra push to the right with some of the sliders in Lightroom to make my day.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise & Sunset @ The Teraport

    1. When I get a chance Michael I will post an out of camera shot along with my heavily post processed image for comparison. Quite often now I already have a vision of what I want the final photo to look like before I press the shutter.


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