Cold and Drizzly 25th Anniversary

Rocking Chairs


A month or so ago my lovely bride joined me on a beautiful morning as we ventured up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to photograph the sunrise. From there we had breakfast at the Pisgah Inn. As yet, we hadn’t made any plans to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We had had discussions and one of our ideas was to go back to Napa where we’d celebrated our first. A few other ideas had come to mind but nothing definitive.

So after finishing breakfast we stopped in the hotel office at the inn to inquire about rooms in October. Mind you, October is majorly busy here in the mountains with all the leaf watchers arriving from all over. So we would not be surprised not to find a room. But my wife asked and the inn only had 3 rooms available for the whole month but one was available on our anniversary! So a plan fell into place.

Of course one can’t control the weather and we didn’t have the view of the leaves as hoped but more importantly we had no distractions that kept us from enjoying our time together.

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