Early Morning Light


After spending over 14 hours trying to get to Denver, Colorado yesterday, and with this weekend one of my company’s busiest of the year, I wasn’t surprised I would have an early start. Like I said, yesterday’s adventure through the airports was not the best. I woke before my alarm New Year’s day morning. I had to leave the house around 0545 to ensure I got to the airport in time to check in and make my departure time of 0720. Well as you can imagine by me mentioning any of this that original departure time did not happen. The DELAY.

The abbreviated story on yesterday is the commercial operator actually flew the plane empty to another airport and back to get the maintenance service they needed to complete our trip. We finally departed Asheville yesterday around 2:45PM. So by the time we finally got going my company had to make some changes on their end for me too. I originally thought I was going to Brunswick, Georgia but then it was Aspen. Well by the time the day finished I’m in Denver.

After a 30 minute Uber ride this morning I arrived to the Centennial Airport in Colorado. As I was preflighting the aircraft the sun was just beginning to shed its light. Looking west towards the Rocky Mountains the sky began to light and that’s when you can get these wonderful colors. So at around 0645 this is the view I had.

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