New York City

New York City

Even though the sky was a bit hazy I managed to grab a couple photographs out my passenger window while traveling to the La Guardia Airport this afternoon. I didn’t have the best window seat but it was a treat being able to look down at the city while flying up the Hudson River before making our base turn to Runway 22.

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Not sure why exactly. Maybe I no longer feel guilty about not posting as frequently as what I thought I should. Actually, it has been refreshing that I’m no longer spending, or should say, wasting my time on social media these days. In fact, new email to my inbox has dropped to a dribble as I’ve been diligently selecting the “unsubscribe” link to all those emails I no longer want or care about. In a way its been liberating.

However, my photography has also taken a back seat. I guess I need to give it a little kickstart to get it going again.

3 thoughts on “New York City

  1. I completely understand the feeling. I stopped logging into Facebook a year ago and it was liberating. Admittedly I log in sometimes now but never for more than a frlew minutes before I am reminded of what a time suck it is.

    As for your blogging/picture posting: I’ve missed your updates and love this shot!

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  2. I am also with you on this. I personally shut down all my other accounts and now only use WordPress, it is better, I feel, to live life in the reality rather than through social-media.

    Nice plane-pic by the way.

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