New York

It sure has been a while since I’ve been here. Life keeps chugging along and other priorities take precedence, i.e., family, work and LIFE. I have to say my other “hobby” has gotten in the way too: motorcycling! I do bring my camera with me on every ride but its not often I take it out of my tank bag. The other big deal going on is that I’ve moved. Actually sold our place in North Carolina and headed to Southwestern Ohio to be near family, long time friends and more opportunities for my son.

I really do plan on posting more and sharing new photo processes as I’ve been leaving the computer at home and doing most all of my digital processing using Lightroom’s latest mobile app on my 12″ iPad Pro. They’ve finally added keywording and geometry controls that I used most of the time on the computer.

So for now just wanted to check in to say I’m still here and looking forward to the new digs we moved to and the new roads to venture on with my new motorcycling hobby!

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