Travel Day to Work

I finally had to go to work today. I’ve been off work for 25 days due to a new schedule I began this past spring. Since moving to our new location, my wife still drives me to the airport. Today I had to drive as my wife had a scheduled appointment this morning that she couldn’t change at the last minute. Instead of being dropped off at the “front door” to the main terminal I had to park in the long-term parking lot and then catch a ride on the shuttle.

I made sure I got up in time to not only leave on time but to warm up the truck as I knew was going to be below 32 degrees F. Sure enough, there was ice on the windshield that I had to scrape off before I could begin my trip.

Ice on the Windshield

By the time I got to the long-term parking lot the temperatures had warmed up a little bit but not much. As I finished parking the truck, the airport shuttle arrived. It was perfect timing.

I flew to Houston, Texas and made my connection at the Chicago O’Hare Airport. I normally don’t mind the O’Hare airport as there are some interesting sites to photograph and today was not any different as they had special lighting arranged in one of the connecting hallways.

Chicago O’Hare Airport

It was also a pleasant day to fly as the weather en-route and at both airports was wonderful.

Western Michigan coastline and Lake Michigan
Chicago O’Hare Airport

Not a bad day to be back at work.

Time to relax at the hotel.

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