A Black and White Kind of Day

As I was beginning to wake from an OK sleep last night I could hear the rain drops on my hotel window. Not sure how much it was raining, I got up and raised the blinds to see. That’s when I decided this was going to be a black & white kind of day.

A rainy view out my hotel window.

Our itinerary today included flying from Houston up to Dallas to pick-up some customers and take them on the Eagle, Colorado. Fortunately, it wasn’t an early brief and I was able to take some time writing in my journal, reviewing our first leg of the day and the weather forecast for each of our destinations.

As I left my room I grabbed a look out my hotel hallway window as I waited for the elevator to arrive.

Hotel Lobby View

My crew and I rode in a packed hotel shuttle to the general aviation facility to get our stead ready. The heavy rain from earlier had slowed to a light drizzle.

Drizzling while fueling the jet
Fueling the jet
Still a little drizzle coming down

The flight from Houston to Dallas was uneventful but very busy for me in the cockpit as the right seat pilot. It’s a demanding corridor flying between these two airports. While waiting for our passengers to arrive and setting up the cockpit for our next leg to Eagle, I made this photo looking south at downtown Dallas in the background.

Dallas Texas in the distance

Flying in to the mountain airports in Colorado at anytime of the year can be challenging and the winter time adds a whole new level of difficulty. Today the snow gods were taking a break as we made our approach into Eagle.

Flying into Eagle Colorado

While waiting for our ride to the hotel we were all admiring the Christmas decorations at the Eagle Airport general aviation facility.

Christmas Decorations

It was a short day by our company standards this time of year and it was a pleasure getting to my hotel late afternoon before the sunset.

My hotel room for the evening

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