It’s New Year’s Eve

As I sit here in another hotel room while traveling for work, I decided not to worry or waste my time thinking about what I needed to improve on in 2019. How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution? Ok, I could lose another 5-7 pounds or maybe that weight should be converted from fat to muscle through exercise and I’d still weigh the same. Or, I could ponder what books I should read this year. But then I would torture myself about getting them back to the library on time or forget I’d downloaded a book to one of my devices. What I’ve decided to do is take each day as it comes and do my best to enjoy every waking moment I have in 2019.

While working at my hotel desk this morning going through my normal news update, getting the seat I prefered on my JetBlue flight today and texting with my wife I did enjoy the light coming through my hotel curtains.

I almost let the time get by me before I realized I hadn’t ironed my uniform shirt. I put my computer away along with the sundry of cables that had been charging my work phone and personal phone along with my company iPad. While doing that I had the iron heating and my shirt ready to press.

Sometimes I let myself get into a panic when I forget about the time. It’s been these occasions that I will leave a piece of gear or clothing behind in the room. I wanted to catch the 1200 shuttle to the Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL) but could have waited till 1230. The airport has the “Known Crewmember” security checkpoint so I needn’t worry about getting through a long security line once I arrived. It’s a very nice benefit I pay for as a crew member and has saved countless minutes not having to wait in the long lines at the airport.

I flew on JetBlue to Richmond, Virginia to crew another airplane today. The other crew members were already there when I arrived. As I walked out to the jet the fuel truck was just pulling away and once aboard it was only a few minutes before we were starting engines. I’m now in Manchester, New Hampshire about to bring 2018 to an end and am ready to begin a new year!

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