A New Year – Day 1

It’s day one of a new year. Hope everybody has made a good start of their new year. I woke this morning to new snow on ground but knew I was heading to much warmer weather to the south of the country. I can say my day wasn’t much different than any other day while on the road with work.

I decided as usual not to partake of the free breakfast that is served at the chain hotels we stay. Sometimes I don’t think the eggs nor the bacon are real. I thought I’d wait till I got to the airport and see what the crew food I ordered looked like instead. The catered food was pretty good today.

So we left the Northeast and away from the cooler weather for South Florida. Seemed like forever to get there today as we had to fly slower than normal due to the volume of aircraft heading in the same direction we were.

We had a quick turn around as our scheduled passengers arrived early and off we went to our next destination to Louisville, Kentucky. After arriving to Louisville, where we thought our day was done, we were given a new brief to fly on to Nashville, Tennessee where I’m at this evening.

Overall the day went pretty smooth for working New Year’s Day and I had a couple nice landings which always helps the ego!

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