Planning the New Year

I didn’t take but a couple photographs today as the cockpit workload was a challenge all day. We did not have to leave our hotel in Nashville too early this morning. We brought the airplane to Nashville last evening for some scheduled maintenance.  From Nashville we flew down to an uncontrolled airport south of Houston to pick up clients and take them to New Orleans. While taxiing to takeoff from New Orleans we had to give way to this American Airlines flight with the “retro” paint scheme. I thought it was pretty cool and grabbed this photo.

After giving way to the AA flight we departed and am now in Teterboro, NJ. One of our “homes” away from home. Teterboro Airport is where we spend a lot time with the company.

I airline home tomorrow and can relax a bit this evening in my room.  However, I remembered that I haven’t transferred my 2018 planning information to my new planner.  Last month I bought the 2019 Hobonichi Techno Planner and I used the 2018 version for this past years planning. Thought I’d sit down this evening and start the process.

Thoughts? Leave a comment here and I'll get back to you.

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