New York City

Traveling to work and back home can be the most uncomfortable part of my job. Since our aircraft are not parked at specific airports around the country or the rest of the world like the airlines are organized, our company allows us to live just about where we want, within reason, near an airport that provides commercial airline service.

In my case, my family and I recently moved where I’m now commuting from the Dayton, Ohio airport. In the past, I dreaded ending my rotation in the US’s Northeast as the commute home to Asheville required at least one airline connection. Plus, it was not always on an airline I enjoyed flying.

However, American Airlines has a non-stop from LaGuardia’s airport direct to Dayton. I’m also an Amex Platinum cardholder and American Express has one of their “Centurion” lounges at LaGuardia that makes for a great place to relax after the ride through the city and prior to boarding. Our company also provides a CLS limo ride from our usual hotel we stay there near the Teterboro Airport.

Attached below is my gallery of photographs as I made my home yesterday. 

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