Hilton Anatole – Dallas, TX

As the sun came up over the city of Dallas, Texas I was able to grab a photo out my hotel window. Before heading to bed the evening before I had not paid any attention to the direction my room faced and had not planned on capturing the sunrise this morning. But I did want to get up in time to get my “Grab and Go Meal” offered by the hotel. Due to the virus, hotels are no longer providing their normal breakfast buffets. The Hilton Anatole hotel, a top tier hotel, has 1200 rooms and you would think that it would be busy enough to provide a little more than a “Grab and Go Meal”. However, it’s not the case. I’ve stayed at this hotel more than once in the past and each time I’ve stayed the hotel was always busy. At least one or two conventions going on and lots of business travelers. The pandemic and local government rules have had a major impact on the travel industry.

As you can see, I was the only one at the “Atrium” and not another sole in and around the hotel as I checked out.

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