Savannah, Georgia…… What can I say about Savannah?  I had a two night layover here this past Wednesday and Thursday before heading to Nice, France and Savannah is one of those cities that I happen to frequent quite often.  You see, due to my employment I get to visit this city twice a year.  In fact, I’ve been coming to this town for the past 16 years, twice a year.

Outside the Olympia Cafe

So its always nice to stop by my favorite eatery while in town.  That happens to be the Olympia Cafe.  If you’ve ever been there and like Kalamarakia then you know what I mean.  The fried squid melts in your mouth.  I’ve never had a bad meal there, NEVER.  BTW, ask for Nick he will take care of you!

2 thoughts on “Savannah

  1. I think that I could be quite happy there eating an ice cream cone.

    Never been to Savannah, though I do plan on a visit. The south is such strange and interesting place to us northerners. Both of my parents families are from the south – North Carolina and Georgia.

    Loved the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” – the movie was a poor excuse, in my not so humble opinion.

    I envy you your travels, even though I know it’s not all relaxing and fun – and is often way too short lived.


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