Ok, so you’re wondering what do all those letters mean?  If you travel as much as I do you would recognize them as airport identifiers.  These are the airports I’ve already seen since this past Saturday when I headed off to work: (Asheville – Charlotte – O’Hare – Aurora – Midway – Dulles – White Plains)

Since I travel frequently I like to have as simple a setup as possible for my luggage and I prefer my TravelPro 22″ Rollaboard.  BTW, make sure you buy a set of third party skate board wheels for your suitcase.  You’ll be amazed at how easy the thing pulls!

If any of you have every traveled on US Airways then you’ve probably connected flights in Charlotte, NC.  Maybe when I get really bored and nothing to do I’ll research which airport I connect through the most, Charlotte or Atlanta.  Anyway this is the main hallway where all the terminals connect:

If you’re a frequent traveler like myself then you’ll understand the benefit of belonging to one of the airline business lounges.  I happen to prefer Delta’s Sky Club lounges and I just renewed my membership for another year.  If I only have a couple minutes between flights, a chance to get “away” from a crowded terminal makes a big difference in my attitude.

As I was coming through O’hare the other day this part of the airport design caught my attention.  I think my caption for it is connect the dots:

So, can someone please tell me what time it is in Ten Buck Two?  Just think, they have an entire wall to tell what time it is somewhere else around the world.  Man, I’m glad my iPhone has all that and more.  Who gets to change the clocks for Daylight Savings?

I find it amazing that there are still land line phones around. Can anyone tell me who uses these things today?  Is there still an operator that comes on the line to tell you you’ve run out of time and to deposit a few more dollars to keep talking?

Of course your travels aren’t complete without finally relaxing for a few before retiring to another hotel room.


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