Nice, France | June 26

I’m in Nice, France for a couple days this week and of course I have to take advantage of the local to document my short stay. Its already warm here as July rapidly approaches. When I was here last in September the crowds had all but gone but they’re here now.

As I walked the streets I found many of the outdoor cafes were already filled or getting there. But if you get off the main streets and head down one of the many back streets, the loud sounds of the city almost become non existant and you seem you’re in another world.

My photos follow that I took yesterday, June 26.

The View
Classy ride
Classy Ride
Walking the dog
Walking the dog
Old shutters
My Cappuccino
What’s on the menu?
Another ride
Just the two of us.
The Pose
Caisse D’Epargne Cote D’Azur
The Opera Singer
The Beach as Sunset
My treat after a long day!

16 thoughts on “Nice, France | June 26

    1. Thank you drenraux! The Ricoh GXR-M is a very nice camera and I really enjoyed shooting with it. But I think with as much time as I had shooting with the Ricoh I hope to be seeing those same results or better with the Leica M-E.


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