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The main reason why I photograph with a Leica camera:

“I want simplification, not amplification or complication…I just want light controls … because photography is about light.” – Thorsten Overgaard

“A camera that gives me the joy of ownership and the joy of shooting is much more important than one with the highest number of megapixels or highest ISO performance.” – Yukio Uchida

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” ― Ansel Adams

“You just have to live and life will give you pictures.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

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9 comments on ““F” is for Friday

  1. eddie32 says:

    Very nice color! I always admire the color you can get from your ME. Don’t know whether you remember me, I asked for your advice regarding M240 or ME. I just brought a nice pre-owned M9, and would like to know, if you don’t mind, your ME color treatment, such as auto or manual white balance/metering, Lightroom pre set workflow and related numbers, etc. Many thanks and hope it is ok to ask these.


  2. Thank you eddie for the very nice complement! Before I answer your question about my colour treatment how are you getting along with your M9? I hope its all you expected!

    I don’t mind explaining my workflow whatsoever, but I think you’ll be surprised to learn that there are only a couple things I have “preset” so to speak. Also, over the last couple years as I’ve pursued improving my photography I’ve learned that I have to develop and find my own style that pleases me. Sure I’ve experimented with different looks, tried several plugins and what I’ve come to realize is each individual photograph is in itself a unique piece of work and deserves its own attention. I guess if you were to put several of my recent photos next to each other they may seem to have similar processing characteristics but each has had its own “unique” development.

    It also goes hand in hand with what focal length lens one prefers to have on their camera and that’s a whole different conversation.

    Eddie, if you’re willing to be patient my next blog post will cover how I processed the image above and go through my current workflow using LIghtroom 5.


    1. eddie32 says:

      Thanks a lot. Looking forward to it!

      I tried to examine M240 photos on the Internet, and don’t feel excited, not to say I may have to wait for 8 months! Then I said give me M-E, they told me Leica is all focusing on producing M240 such that I also need to wait for M-E. So I determined to go for a used M9, for much less, and almost new in fact (the dealer given me 6 months warranty).

      My only concern about high ISO goes away because for low light I use MM. M9 in it base ISO produces images that make me very happy. But I am a B/W guy and always failed in my previous color attempts, so I really need your help. 😉


      1. Hi Eddie,

        I posted a quick workflow today and if you have any questions let me know. I have no problem shooting my M-E in color at 1250 ISO. But then when you really really think about it, if you need that high of an ISO what is the quality of the light to begin with? Film shooter survived how many years?

        I’d take ISO 25 over ISO 1600 any day!


        1. Eddie Law says:

          Many thanks! Will study it and try using it for getting color prints. It may take time as I still based primarily on traditional wet darkroom, now seriously trying digital. Many thanks for allowing me to ask follow-up questions later!

          As for film and high ISO, yes I basically just relied on ISO400 for B/W film, and I feel that grain is a bigger problem for color firm than B/W. Thus, M9 is already better than film in this regard IMO. What I said in relation to “concerns about [M9’s] high ISO” pertain to M240 users’ general comments on the Internet – they usually compare high ISO performance between M9 and M240.

          Thanks again!


          1. Eddie, I highly recommend looking at George Jardine’s Develop series ( especially if you say you’re coming from the wet darkroom and fairly new to the digital darkroom. I know if I had time and the additional experience I have working with LR5, I could improve the post processing I’ve done with my past images.

            As to comparison of the M9 – M240 I think we’re splitting minor minutiae. First of all I didn’t buy my M-E to shoot at 6400 ISO as I haven’t seen too many “famous” photos captured when there’s no light. Secondly, 1-2 frames per second is faster than I can refocus manually. Third, I don’t own any R lenses or anything wider than the current frame lines of the rangefinder so don’t need Liveview. Fourth, no matter what others have said, there is a difference to me how the Leica M9 CCD images look compared to the M240 CMOS images.

            Of course these are just my opinions. But maybe you’ll agree with me, the over 4 year old full frame M9 sensor still performs well. Its not any different that those shooting the Nikon D700 as compared to current versions of that camera.


            1. Eddie Law says:

              I agree with you. And I can add to your list that, I don’t buy Leica for video at all! M240 owners claim CMOS can deliver M9 CCD results by using Lightroom, so it is just a matter of personal taste and post-treatment, but whenever I look at their old M9 color photos and compare with their new M240 photos, I have to say they are different, and I like the M9 color more. This is a fact, as a matter of my personal preference.


  3. Greg Hill says:

    The ME does color as well as it does B&W. I see this place everytime I come to Brevard. I deliver motor oil to the tire store next door. Beautiful country you live in, but from Asheboro it’s a heck of a long drive. 🙂


    1. That is a good drive as you have a bit of a climb heading west on I-40!


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