The Traveling Vagabond

The Traveling Vagabond

This is Glenn Charles (The Traveling Vagabond) and me at The Hub in Pisgah Forest.  I met Glenn a couple months back on FaceBook through our photography and Leica cameras.  The Hub is a great place to get whatever you need for your biking and camping needs along with a cold beer after a long ride.  Glenn was attending the NAHBS (North American Handmade Bicycle Show) in Charlotte the weekend of March 14-16.  Through FaceBook I suggested, if he had time, to try and do some riding here around Brevard, NC.

Well he took me up on my offer and as you can read on his blog linked above I think he realizes why this is such a great place to get your mountain bike fix as so many others do.

Later that evening we met at the Jordan Street Cafe along with my wife and enjoyed their famous burgers and a lot of talk, his travels on a bike and kayak and our fondness of photography and Leica gear.  After finishing our burgers we headed over to The Phoenix for some music and brews.

The Monochrom

Glenn picked up his first Leica this past November and is shooting their Monochrom camera along with a Leica Summilux-M 50mm ASPH lens attached.  The music that night was being played by JamBoogie.

Jam Boogie

Jam Boogie

Jam Boogie

If you’re into mountain biking adventure traveling you need to check out Glenn’s website! The Traveling Vagabond

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