The Workout


So I’m sitting here at the airport in Teterboro, New Jersey on standby duty and thought, “You know I should check out the gym!”. This is probably the least used gym in the world from what I could tell. I was only the fifth one there today. All I can say is I bit the bullet and worked up a little sweat. Great feeling indeed.

Not that it matters but just in case you may ask what’s the routine? Pretty simple in my case:

1. Warm up on the stationary bike for 10-15 minutes at a high cadence (80-90 RPM)
2. 2 Sets Squats
3. 2 Sets Bench Press
4. 2 Sets Leg Extensions
5. 2 Sets Lat Pull Downs
6. 2 Sets Leg Curls
7. 2 Sets Military Press
8. 2 Sets Chest Butterflys
9. 2 Sets Tricep Extensions
10. 2 Sets Bicep Curls
11. 2 Sets of Situps


Thoughts? Leave a comment here and I'll get back to you.

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