Hotel Life on the Road


Just another night away from home.

5 thoughts on “Hotel Life on the Road

    1. Hey JK. I always carry my two batteries with me. I’ve never had an issue running out of juice. I have my Leica M-E setup with Auto Off one minute. I try to keep chimping at a minimum as of course the LCD is not going to show me much but I do use it to check the histogram. I do have Auto Review set with the Release button option and that is just to check what shutter speed I just used if I want to switch to manual real quick.


  1. Thanks Duane – I am thinking of jumping into the world of digital Leica. I find shooting with my M3 much more enjoyable then my X-Pro1.

    PS – I think jkjod is the default username since that is the address to my blog, but my name is Jordan. Have a great weekend!


    1. Hey Jordan the M3 is on my wish list. I could keep my 50 Lux mounted on it. But then I wouldn’t know what to do with film as I haven’t shot film in like, I’m trying to remember, like 16 years.

      Just my opinion, but most all of today’s cameras can take great pictures including an iPhone. I think once you’ve grown accustomed to shooting with a “true” rangefinder camera its hard to shoot with anything else. I myself could not go back to a camera with more buttons and options that would required me to keep an owners manual with me. I have enough stuff to keep in my longterm memory I don’t have that much more room.


  2. I agree with both of your points 1) the notion that all cameras today are capable of making great images, and the XP1 is no exception. 2) that once I started shooting with the M3 I really didn’t want to shoot with anything else. If everything else is created equal, I want to be able to shoot with something that is enjoyable and inspires me and in the end the Leica is what pushes my buttons.


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