Oakland – Salt Lake – Minneapolis


I wasn’t surprised to get another airline brief to travel to crew another airplane before heading to bed last night. I spent today traveling from Oakland California through Salt Lake City and on to Minneapolis. Plus I wasn’t surprised to learn that I couldn’t reserve a seat on either flight when I tried to check-in last night via my computer from my hotel room. I went to bed last night knowing that today could be another challenging travel day.

Fortunately I was booked on Delta and since I have some status with them I knew that I’d have the best chance being assigned an OK seat. I knew it would probably be a middle seat and sure enough it was. But, after most everybody had boarded, I’ve made myself comfortable. I’ve got my favorite tunes playing through my Shure in-ear headphones and then an agent wants to know why I’m not up in First Class. Huh? I said no told me I was upgraded to First. Well, I had no problem moving my stuff and headed back to the front of the airplane.

My ride from Salt Lake to Minneapolis was much the same. Other than being offered an upgrade to First Class. But the difference in this flight is that I did get a window seat.

Again I have my “nest” made and chillin’ on some tunes. I feel the aircraft moving as we’re being pushed back for engine starts and look at my watch. Cool, we’re going to depart on time! But no…. We’ve pushed back and the engines are running but we’re not going anywhere. About then there some scurrying around in the cabin with a couple flight attendants working with some passengers and I can’t quite hear the announcement over the intercom. Hey, I’ve got my jams playing and I’m ready to get airborne so I can recline my seat, you know!.

Well come to find out as we’re taxiing back to the gate we have a family onboard that wasn’t able to get the entire family on and the others were booked on another flight. They’re not happy and want off. No kiddin’, we taxi back to get them off the airplane making our original on time departure an hour late.

Like I said yesterday, traveling around the holidays has just been crazy!

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