West of the Rockies Road Trip – Week 1

Wow, where to begin?  I’m afraid that my desire to update my blog along our road trip became more difficult than I expected.  What I found is that I decided along with the help of my better half and children that my “free” time was best spent with them and NOT in front of a computer or iPhone updating this blog.  With that said, I’m now in a hotel working a trip and have a bit of time alone that I can try and get back up to speed here.

So far we’ve now been on the road for 10 weeks.  Our original plan was to only be gone for 9 weeks and that we’d be back home for our anniversary and I’d be commuting to work from the Asheville airpot.  But that is not the case.

We’ve had our Airstream travel trailer for over 5 years now and all of our previous trips, whether a week long to Pensacola, Florida or the longer trips out west, each day has been meticulously planned.  This is our first trip that we did not make any real future plans including reservations.  As you can imagine, especially being someone like me, this has been way out of the ordinary.

Our original trip plans had us driving to the Rapid City, South Dakota to visit the Badlands and Black Hills area (Mount Rushmore).  It did not happen as you can see by my first week road map.  On the fly, we changed our minds and went to Estes Park, Colorado to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park instead.  We arrived to Estes Park during the middle of the week before our Labor Day Weekend Holiday.  Since we didn’t pre-plan and had not made any reservations we almost did not have a place to stay in Estes Park over Labor Day.  Fortunately, we were staying at the Spruce Lake RV Campground, they had a cancellation at the last minute and were able stay the weekend.

We had never visited Rocky Mountain National Park before but were very impressed and stayed for a week.  Our visit included a few days of hiking, a 4 hour horseback ride and some time walking around the town of Estes Park.

Prior to hitting the road we put new tires on the trailer and did an oil change and tire rotation for the truck.  Here are a couple quick shots in our preparation and a couple photos reflecting how flat Kansas is!

2 thoughts on “West of the Rockies Road Trip – Week 1

  1. What an awesome adventure! I’m glad you chose spending time with your loved ones , the real immediate life in front of you. But, I’ll be looking forward to future updates! No pressure : )


    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Our trip has now turned into a 12 week trip. The family and trailer is in San Diego and I’ve been traveling with work this past week. Currently in NY flying back to San Diego today. Tomorrow we hook up and start back home. A little over 2,300 miles that we’ll do in the next 6 days. Ouch!


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